Case Study: Are KPIs Enough?

The People Analytics Co. Ltd. (PA) is a data and analytics company that provides services to organisations to help them manage and track data related to Human Resources. The internal structure of PA is based on the concept of Key Account Management. Each client, based on its size and requirements, is assigned a team that manages all aspects of the account.

You are the Team Manager for a team that is handling the account for A&M Capital, a very large Financial Investments firm with operations across different business entities in 15 countries. Your team has been meeting most of its SLAs and has been enjoying its work. There is a great degree of collaboration and commitment displayed by the team in managing the client. Everything seems smooth until the team receives an unexpected feedback from the client. Read on to know more!

When to Use

Use this case study when the learning objective is any of the following:

  • Establish the importance of measuring both soft and hard factors in customer service
  • Understand why KPIs may not be enough to understand customer needs
  • Explore methods of understanding hidden and unsatisfied customer needs
  • Discover how adding a human touch while dealing with customers impacts the business


Minimum: 10
Maximum: 20 (though it can be done in larger groups by creating several teams)

Time: 40 – 45 Minutes


  • Divide participants in groups of 3 or 4.
  • The case study is written in three parts; thus, the activity is conducted in three rounds.
  • In each round, allow 5 minutes for reading the case material and then 5 minutes for the groups to discuss the questions.
  • Open the discussion to everyone. Ask one of the participants to come up on the whiteboard and facilitate a discussion on the questions.
  • Ask probing questions to the group about the company, its nature of business, the team and the various aspects that are coming through from the case introduction.

Learning Connection

Once the case study is over, the facilitator can lead a discussion by asking the following reflective questions:

  • What is important to a team? Are the very same things important to the customer too?
  • What does customer focus really mean?
  • Do KPIs really capture what the customer is bothered about?
  • Are there softer aspects that KPIs do not capture? What are those?
  • What is ‘really’ important to the customer?
  • How do you gather feedback?

Have fun resolving this case study in your class and let us know how it went.  Download PDF

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