OIRE | A Structured Framework for Learning Design

OIRE | A Structured Framework for Learning Design

What is OIRE OIRE is an acronym for Orient-Immerse-Reflect-Extend. It is a structured method of designing learning content that focuses on generating rich learner to learner interaction, reflection and transfer of learning to the real world. It can be used to design both classroom and online learning. Here is a quick overview to the OIRE model   Note: In this article, we will use Conflict Management as a topic to […]

Less Animation More Learning

Ever since the advent of technologies like Flash and Silverlight there has been a tendency to use animations to explain concepts and processes. Animations are thought to be more engaging, visually appealing and easier to process. However, research done by cognitive psychologists Barbara Tversky and Mireille Betrancourt (Simple animations for organizing diagrams) points in a different direction.

3 Skills Every Human Resource Professional Needs

What makes for a skilled HR professional? In this article I explore 3 skills that are absolutely essential for every HR professional. I also provide a list of  Top 5 resources curated from the Internet that can help you build proficiency in these skills. Skill 1: Ability to Conduct Structured Interviews In my career as an HR professional I have interviewed hundreds of people and I think there is still […]