Designing Business Simulation Games for Learning and #EDhack

Designing Business Simulation Games for Learning

Designing Business Simulation Games for Learning
From MBA classes to corporate training programs, Business Simulations are changing the way people learn and explore. Simulations provide an environment in which learners can take critical decisions in a safe environment and receive feedback on their decisions almost immediately.
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About This Program

This program is about designing Serious Games and exploring practical ‘Gamification’ techniques that can be used in the classroom in elearning or in social media. You will take away beginner to intermediate skills in designing, developing and using Business Simulation Games for learning in a variety of scenarios. This is a hands-on, application oriented workshop. The focus is less on theory and more on doing. After a quick exploration of the topic of Business Simulation Games, we will dive deep into designing and developing them.

On Day 1 we will cover Business Simulation Games design techniques and on Day 2 we will collaborate, design and compete in a game design hackathon – #EDHack.

Key Learning Outcome

Participants will be able to design, develop and run business simulation games for a variety of learning needs and objectives.

Program Objectives

  • Explore business simulation games in a learning context
  • Explore ‘Gamification’ techinques used in typical business simulation games
  • Design and develop business simulation games for a variety of learning needs and objectives
  • Use Microsoft Excel and other popular tools to develop simulation models
  • Facilitate a business simulation led learning workshop
  • Explore the use of business simulations for leadership training, change management and strategic decision making

Some Games Models and Tools We Will Explore

Content Introduction and Pre-read

Here are 2 short presentations which will give you an idea about the content coverage of the program
An Introduction to Business Simulations and Games for Learning

Comparing 3 Business Simulation Games

Program Dates

2nd and 3rd, May.

Program Venue

Maple Room, India Habitat Center, Lodhi Road, New Delhi – 110 003


9.30 am to 6.00pm on both days

What do you get after attending this program

    1. Cutting edge knowledge of creating and running Business Simulation Games for learning and training
    2. Certificate for all participants
    3. Free Business Simulation Games (use as you wish) that you can use in your organization after you clear the post-workshop assignments. Includes facilitator guide, participant guide, and all simulation models.
    4. All workshop material – simulation templates, Excel files, documents etc.
    5. All simulations from the hackathon

About the Facilitator

Ajay DasguptaAjay Dasgupta will be our Facilitator for this program. Ajay has designed and developed several business simulation games including simulations on Insurance, Change Management and Leadership. He has also facilitated more than 25 workshops designed around business simulation games. Read more about him here.

Program Fee

  • Day 1 + Day 2: Rs. 11,500/- per participant. Call for additional discounts – 9910 10368 or 9860097212
  • Only Day 2 (#EDHack): Free

Additional discount:
Book for 2 people and get 50% discount on the third person

Who this program is for

You will find this program most suitable if you are:

  • A new media practitioner looking to use Serious Games to engage people online
  • A designer or developer of courseware (ILT, WBT, eLearning) for your organization or for clients you work with
  • A HR professional looking to use business simulations in designing training/organization development interventions
  • Trainer/facilitator looking to upgrade your skills in designing and delivering business simulation based learning
  • A college professor/teacher looking to develop strategic and decision making skills of your students

The program is also suitable for anyone who is interested in the field of games and game design and how they can be used in a variety of learning contexts.

What this program is not

This program is not a course on designing Business Simulations used for financial modelling or strategic decision making. We will not use simulation software like Arena for creating our simulation models. All simulations we create and discuss will only be useful for the purpose of learning and training. The workshop requires basic knowledge of mathematics and statistics. You will not be required to do complex mathematical modelling. Knowledge of programming, probability concepts will be useful but is not mandatory. You must have functional knowledge of Excel.

Program Structure

      1. Day 1 – Exploring Business Simulations
        1. Components of games in general and Business Simulation Games in particular
        2. Exploration of some business simulation games
        3. Business simulations and learning
        4. Who uses business simulations and for what
      2. Day 1 – Designing a Business Simulation
        1. Systems thinking
        2. Modelling the real world – Variables, Constants and Equations
        3. Cause and effect and feedback loops
        4. Boundaries and constraints
        5. Creating simple models using Excel
        6. Testing your model
        7. Practice creating models
      3. Day 1 – Designing a Business Simulation for Learning
        1. Mapping objectives to the goals of a game
        2. Exploring Blooms Taxonomy (Cognitive and Affective)
        3. Embedding a business simulation into your learning plan
        4. Writing instructions and the background case
        5. Creating the interface for data capture
        6. Reporting results to learners
        7. Example business simulation
        8. Facilitator notes for conducting a Business Simulation
      4. Day 2 – #EDHack – The Business Simulation for Learning Game Design Hackathon
        1. Introduction to #EdHack and summary of Day 1
        2. Pick your group and topic for your game
        3. Design, Discuss, Develop, Test
        4. Presentations PechaKucha style (20 slides x 20 seconds each slide)
        5. Prizes and wrap-up

Past Workshops

Epiphany Learning successfully ran the Designing Business Simulation Games for Learning workshop in Pune on January 17-19th.

Pictures from the Pune Workshop and #EDHack

[alpine-phototile-for-flickr src=”user” imgl=”fancybox” dltext=”EpiphanyLearningonFlickr” style=”bookshelf” row=”8″ num=”24″ size=”75″ align=”center” max=”90″ uid=”92704718@N04″ dl=”1″ shadow=”1″ highlight=”1″ curve=”1″]

Comments and Reviews from Past Participants

“Brilliant Workshop!It helped us to understand the types of simulations and the fun of creating such simulations was beyond imagination. It will help create more interesting designs for addressing more practical business problems which participants cannot really experience in Real World. We are able to bring a slice of the Real World to the Classroom for the learners to experience. The 2 days helped us to understand the mechanics behind creating such simulation and also how to make it more fun and engaging for the learners. Overall Great Experience!” Amrita Agarwal

“Really liked the way we logically build a simulation during these 2 days and loved picking up new excel tricks that we could use. The practical application of simulations at work was spot on and loved the gamification activities we played on the first day.” Ganesh Nair

“This workshop was an enriching experience. Not only does it teach you models and mechanics of creating Business Simulation Games but is also able to capture the elements of fun, play and address business problems at the same time. The hackathon was brilliant! Epiphany Learning thank you for this.” Anonymous

#EDHack: Business Simulation Game Design Hackathon

Day 2 of the workshop will be – #EDHack – The Business Simulation Game Design Hackathon. Participants from our workshop will get to show-off their simulations to others and lead/work with larger groups in designing new simulations through the day.

In the spirit of a hackathon we will collaborate and create working and usable Business Simulation Games. Several other participants (L&D Professionals/Game Designers/Trainers/HR Professionals) may join us on this day.

All games produced during the hackathon along with source code/models/files will be available to all participants for use post-workshop. The simulations will also be released on the web under the Open Source GNU (GPL – 3.0) license.

Read more about the Business Simulation Games Hackathon here.

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