Powered by know-how that has been built on thousands of hours of practice Epiphany Learning brings to you a whole range of learning and talent management solutions that can power your people to success.

Epiphany Learning designs high quality games, simulations, classroom training, online learning, case studies, assessments and learning aids. We are finicky about framing correct learning objectives and designing learning units that map to objectives. This ensures that our learning solutions always deliver results. We are also passionate about designing a perfect learning experience and hence all our learning programs are centred on fun and engagement. Read about our OIRE framework or explore our learning design methdology
Talk to us if you are looking for any of the following solutions:

  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Leadership training
  • Career stage training
  • Customer service training
  • Custom learning and development solutions (Mobile, eLearning, Classroom, Virtual Classroom)
  • Custom case study creation
  • Assessment design
  • Custom simulation or game development
  • Outdoor and experential training

You can also choose from our pre-created and ready to deploy learning and training solutions based on your requirements.

Whether you are looking for organization, team or people development solutions, Epiphany Learning can partner with you to design and deploy appropriate tools and programs. We can partner with your HR/OD/Training team in designing and delivering interventions that:

  • Improve performance of people and teams
  • Engage High Potential and High Performing talent
  • Manage employee transitions
  • Map, report and build the talent pipeline for key job roles
  • Assess and develop talent pool systematically
  • Manage and implement organizational change
  • Improve employee and commitment
Is your message getting lost in a deluge of conflicting communication reaching your internal and external audience? Try out our Sensory Delights approach to design your next internal or external communication. Our communication design services can help you:

  • Convert complex processes and procedures into easily understandable charts and diagrams. These can be turned into posters, emails or exhibits for internal and external communication.
  • Turn boring and bullet-point ridden slides into exciting visual and auditory treats.
  • Create learning and knowledge vignettes for customer and employee awareness and education. These vignettes can be used for internal communication, change management and customer education. You can also place these vignettes on your website and social media channels to drive meaningful content engagement with your customers.
  • Use the power of mobile and social media to amplify your communication.
  • Create sensorial experiences with light, sound, audio, smell and touch to get dramatic results with your communication.

Our Approach

We function more like an ad agency designing a marketing campaign rather than a learning design firm creating training. This helps us generate the same energy for the launch of a training program as a company would for the launch of a new product. This also enables us to keep 3 essential components of training in perspective:

  1. Understand the objective
  2. Understand the audience
  3. Understand the positioning
Step 1: Conceptualization

Right at the beginning of our engagement we speak to you and other stakeholders to understand and define a problem statement, an overall goal, KPIs and a vision for the program. We would seek to answer:

  • How will the organization be impacted by this training? How will the training bring meaning and energy to what people do?
  • Why should learners be excited to attend this training? What will make them leave their work and come for training?
  • How would we measure success?
  • What are the constraints and restrictions? How much budgets do we have?
  • Who is supporting this training?

This is followed by deep dives into each strand of the problem to arrive at detailed learning goals and objectives.

Step 2: Design

Once the learning goals are set, we work with you to create a learning outline carefully selecting the components of learning and arriving at the right blend (eLearning, VCTs, Webinars, Classroom, Pre-work, Post-work, Assignments, Tests etc.)

The learning outline defined, we then use our OIRE approach in conjunction to other instructional design principles to create the learning content including games, exercises, test items and assignments. We also design the evaluation tools at this stage.

We then present to you a plan for marketing and branding along with all media and communication elements that can be used to market the program.

Step 3: Roll-out

We always recommend conducting a pilot so that the learning plan can be tested with a sample audience and any feedback quickly incorporated into the plan. The pilot is usually facilitated by our master facilitators. The pilot can also be utilized as a Train-the-Trainer.

Once the program is rolled-out we work with the program facilitators and your Training/L&D team to compile Level 1 feedback and present a program dashboard to you. Any feedback that necessitates changes to the design is quickly incorporated.

Step 4: Evaluation

Once the roll-out is complete, it is time for evaluation. This is where our pulse surveys, one-on-one interviews, manager feedback interviews, tests and assignments kick-in. We present rich analytics and reports for every program. For example, we compare Level 2 and 3 scores to Level 1 feedback reports to provide a 360 round-up of the program’s success.